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With more than decades in the industry between us, our team is consciously built around how we can best care for you. Our focus will always be on creating and delivering you a lasting legacy of wealth. We really mean it when we say ‘Welcome to the family’.

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Secure Your Family in the Bright Future They Deserve.

True investment requires discipline and patience. It requires understanding not just what you need in the short term, but also what will secure your family in the bright future they deserve. Every decision we make together will have the most powerful potential impact possible; both here and now, and for generations to come.
“Successful investing is not just a matter of applying conventional wisdom. In fact, it often requires the courage to go beyond.”

A comprehensive approach

Generations Wealth Planning strives to deliver successful wealth management solutions to our clients that help them build a lasting legacy. By drawing from our team’s expertise, we offer a fresh perspective and new insights while designing a plan to reach your lifetime financial goals. Our comprehensive approach integrates investment, financial, risk and insurance planning along with fiduciary trust services. Together, we can achieve the greatest investment plan possible.

Comprehensive Choices

Every individual and family has their own unique financial goals and long term objectives. We understand this, and take the time to help clarify your financial priorities. Generations Wealth Planning has access to a wide range of financial products and services, all designed to help you reach your unique long-term financial destination.

Rooted in Success

Even with nearly 4 decades in the industry, our founder Robert E. Lyons still considers himself a “student of the markets”. Rob understands that although technology and globalization have made their mark, applying the basic principles of investment is still crucial to successful strategies. The mastery of diversification, attention to valuation, and quantitative analysis will generally bring positive results over time.

Meet our thought experts

With decades of combined experience in the financial industry, our members have become some of the most seasoned voices in their field. Uniting this core wealth planning knowledge with the common goal of seeing our clients succeed allows us to make the greatest positive impact possible. We owe much of this success to the relationships we build with every interaction. Our clients are like family, and we see them through generations of success. We believe that a relationship built on trust and clarity helps meet financial milestones with ease.
Rob Lyons

Managing Partner & Financial Advisor

Rob Lyons, CFP®

Rob Lyons has spent nearly 40 years in the financial services industry. A native of Canada, Rob graduated with his MBA from the prestigious Ivey Business School at Western University in London, Canada in 1980. Rob began his career with Wood Gundy Inc., Canada’s largest investment firm at the time. In 1982 he joined Shearson American Express in Sarasota, Florida. During his 26 years there, he earned numerous awards for his client services. He was an early proponent of the Financial Planning process and became a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) designate early in his career.

Rob joined UBS Financial Services in 2008 where he continued his career as a Financial Advisor. He was a member of the UBS Director Club all seven years of his tenure at the firm. After 36 years in the industry, Rob made the decision to take his knowledge and expertise and start his own firm, Generations Wealth Planning. Rob’s focus has always been to focus on the client’s entire family and making sure that their legacy is taken care of. Rob, his wife Amy, and their four sons enjoy the beauty of Sarasota, and all believe it is important to give back to their wonderful community.
"Our client relationships are built on a foundation of trust, propelled by the knowledge it takes to succeed."
Kevin Lyons



Kevin is a Sarasota native and proud founding member of Generations Wealth Planning. After graduating from Western University in London, Canada, Kevin spent years working for some of the biggest companies in finance. He spent time at Merrill Lynch, where he specialized in financial planning analysis. His later position at UBS further strengthened his background in private wealth management. To Kevin, wealth management is a very personal experience. Talking with someone handling your wealth should be an open and honest conversation. As this familiar feeling is such an important part of his life, Kevin welcomed the opportunity to found Generations Wealth Planning with his father Rob.

Kevin has always been fascinated by the power that the financial market has to create change. He uses this passion every day as a financial advisor for Generations Wealth Planning. His role allows him to use his strengths to create powerful long lasting relationships with everyone he comes into contact with.
“There is a powerful feeling in helping people achieve their financial goals…Knowing that you are a part of creating a lasting legacy is extremely fulfilling”
Kelly Morris



Originally from the Midwest, Kelly and her family are now long time Florida residents. Kelly is a veteran of the financial services industry, and holds her Series 7 and 66 Securities licenses. Kelly takes pride in the strong personal relationships she builds as the client relationship manager here at Generations Wealth Planning. She plays a vital role in directing clients through difficult aspects of their wealth plan. Kelly simplifies things like cash management and tax reporting; making complex ideas easily approachable for every person she comes into contact with. Her wealth of knowledge and bright attitude are the driving force behind our day to day outreach to clients.

To Kelly, the most fulfilling part of her role at Generations Wealth Planning is the ability to get to know clients on a personal level. She goes out of her way to make sure our clients are familiar and comfortable with every step of the wealth management process. Kelly loves helping others to achieve their goals, and celebrates every milestone we reach together.
“The personal approach we take here makes all the difference. Our clients really are like family, and having this trusting relationship makes every success much more rewarding.”

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