Market Update: Recovery...But Challenges Remain

The latest consumer confidence numbers are showing us that consumers are postponing discretionary purchases and feeling a little less confident about the future right now. It's been a highly unpredictable time and we see economic challenges ahead. View our latest video to learn more and hear our recommendations. Video Transcript: Greetings from Sarasota, Florida, where […]
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Inflation and Price Increases - What Will It Mean for You?

There is a major trend unfolding over the last few months that has caught our attention and is probably already affecting your finances. Gasoline, food, lumber and overall inflation on many items that have been pretty stable over the last few years are starting to jump up quickly. What will these rapid increases mean to […]
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Warning Signs & Speculative Behavior

The stock market has been hitting record highs over the last several months, but beneath the surface, there are red flags are everywhere.
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Stock Market Euphoria Is Off The Charts

Analysts are expecting a very good year for the stock market, with growth second only to 2018. However, even with the continued improvement, the market is still far from reaching its previous peak in 2013.
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Moving Forward: The Economical Impact of COVID-19

The US government and the Fed help support households and businesses, but where do we go from here? Watch our newest video and stay informed.
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