What Lies Ahead for the Slowing U.S. Economy?

2020 has been one of the most unusual years for investors that we have ever experienced, and we are currently seeing a growing disconnect between the slowing economy and the stock market. Generations Wealth Planning (GWP) believes the stock market is currently reflecting excessive optimism. We recommend that investors do not increase their exposure to […]
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The Financial Investment Process

1- Client Profile: For your investment plan to be secure, it needs to fit you perfectly. Together, we create an individualized profile to understand your personal goals & objectives, risk tolerance and time horizon. 2- Financial Plan: A financial plan you can trust makes all the difference. Zeroing in on your ideal financial picture, we […]
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Market Update: The Wild Ride Isn't Over Yet

The global pandemic has disrupted the markets over the past several months and at Generations Wealth Planning, we believe the wild stock market ride isn’t over yet. Stock market prices have recovered quickly, but the roller coaster ride isn’t over yet. Some parts of the economy will have a hard time recovering, and since we […]
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Market Update: May 1, 2020

The steps taken by the Federal Reserve to support the economy have helped the stock and bond markets recover quickly. But what does the future look like? While long-term investing will still be rewarding, this is a time for care and caution for moderate investors. Financial stress in certain markets will probably get worse before […]
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The Stock Market's Fastest Drop in History: What Comes Next?

From record highs to bear market lows the stock market has seen its fastest drop in history. What comes next? Watch our latest video for our perspective.
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