The Culprit of Recent Stock Market Volatility

While volatility is back in the markets, the real reason may not be from fears of the Corona Virus. The U.S. is becoming more aware of depending on other parts of the world for critical items like food, medicine and technology. Are we in a process of de-coupling from China? GWP believes repercussions could affect […]
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4th Quarter 2019 Update

Hi everybody. Greetings from sunny, Sarasota, Florida. Hope all is well with you and your family. Hard to believe we're coming down the stretch already in 2019. It's been a great year in the investment world, a good year for your portfolio, as I'm sure you see from your statements. We have been recommending that […]
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Important Update July 2019

Good to see you. Hope you're enjoying your summer. Just a quick update today. No charts, no graphs. Nice and simple. We're seeing some storm clouds possibly forming that could cause the stock market to be a little bit more volatile. As a result, we've reduced our exposure to stocks in the last few weeks, […]
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Sell In May & Go Away

There's an old saying on Wall Street regarding which months of the year are best to own stocks. The saying goes like this, sell in may and go away. Why? Historically, over the long term, stocks have underperformed during the May to October period. Meanwhile, the November through April period has produced a much higher […]
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The State of Trade

There's been a major risk hanging over US investment markets and our economy over the last two years. What's this risk? It's the possibility of trade Wars with our partners around the world, countries like Canada, Mexico, China, and the European Union. A full out trade war with these countries could cause severe economic damage. […]
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