Sell In May & Go Away

There's an old saying on Wall Street regarding which months of the year are best to own stocks. The saying goes like this, sell in may and go away. Why? Historically, over the long term, stocks have underperformed during the May to October period. Meanwhile, the November through April period has produced a much higher […]
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The State of Trade

There's been a major risk hanging over US investment markets and our economy over the last two years. What's this risk? It's the possibility of trade Wars with our partners around the world, countries like Canada, Mexico, China, and the European Union. A full out trade war with these countries could cause severe economic damage. […]
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Recent Volatility

Last year, 2017 was a remarkable year for the stock market, a very smooth and steady uptrend. We wish every year it could be smooth and steady for you as investors. But unfortunately, that's not the way it works. In the past two weeks, we've experienced a quick and dramatic drop in stock prices followed […]
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This Is What a Tech Bubble Looks Like

Believe it or not, it has been almost exactly nine years since the stock market bottomed out in March of 2009. This, of course, was during the opening days of what is now known as the Great Recession, March 2009. Fast forward to today, nine years later. Technology stocks have been the stars of the […]
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Shying Away From International Markets Update - Saw It Coming

In October of 2017, we pointed out the risks of foreign investment markets. In fact, these last 10 months have been a turbulent period for these non-US investments. We believe our rationale for avoiding these markets still applies. Let's take a fresh look at why we believe there are significant risks in foreign markets, especially […]
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