Repatriation Billions of Cash Back To USA!!

The United States is home to many of the biggest and most profitable companies in the world. These are global companies making profits in literally hundreds of countries. The problem, these large US based companies have been leaving their cash in foreign countries, not bringing these profits home. The numbers are truly amazing. As of […]
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Consumer Confidence

How confident are you in your current financial situation? Do you expect your finances to remain secure? Do you expect to maintain the same rate of spending? Your answers to these questions are the basis for what's known as the Consumer Confidence Index. This index measures how optimistic US consumers feel. Let's take a look […]
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Fearing a Trade War?

The topics of foreign trade and tariffs have been spooking the investment markets lately. Will these issues become a major problem for the US and foreign investors? Let's look at the big picture trends with US trade. This chart shows us foreign trade over the last half century. Up until the late 1970s, the US […]
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The FAANG Stocks

As I'm sure you are aware, the stock market has been moving higher over the last year or so. The Dow Jones has notched over 80 daily record highs since last November. Wow. That is the most in any one year period since the mid-1990s. This doesn't mean that all stocks are rising together. In […]
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Interest Rates

Interest rates are a powerful force in the economy. When the interest rate on your mortgage, or your business loan, or your car loan decreases, it frees more income for you to spend. Lowering interest rates are like a tailwind that help to propel economic growth. Over the last generation, we have witnessed strong, almost […]
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