Shying Away From International Markets

In general, the portfolios that we create and manage a Generations Wealth Planning currently have less exposure to international markets than they have over the years. This is a significant longterm strategy move to reduce international stock holdings, especially in emerging market countries. For US investors, there have always been additional risks to investing in […]
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Is the Market Too High?

At Generations Wealth Planning, we use diversified holdings of quality stocks in order to generate longterm growth in your portfolios. These investments have had great longterm results, and we try not to focus too much on the short term prospects for the stock market. Having said that, we've received questions from many of you asking, […]
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Estate Planning

We've touched on the importance of having a written financial plan. Another important plan that should be reviewed periodically is your estate plan. Most investors are aware that their estate plan covers the passing of their assets following their death but equally as important is a well drafted estate plan that lays out your wishes […]
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Market Talk: Are Stocks Overvalued?

As I'm sure you've been seeing on the news, the NASDAQ, the Dow Jones Industrials, and the S&P 500 are all at or near record highs. The Dow Jones, for example, has said 39 new record closing highs since the November 8th election of last year. These three indices are up approximately 28%, 18%, and […]
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In the News - Protecting yourself from frauds

In an interview with My Suncoast ABC7 News Rob Lyons, Managing Partner of Generations Wealth Planning, discusses how investors can stay informed and protect themselves from the threats of people like Bernie Madoff.
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